Arms of Love Foundation Indonesia was founded in 2009 to bring hope to a hurting world. Through various projects, we aim to reach out to people in need and help them to be the best they can be. We have a heart to see people cared for, trained, educated and equipped to face today’s world.
These projects include our “House of Hope” home for “at risk youth”, Youth Discipleship & Mentoring Program, Educational Sponsorship & Community Development, Slum ministry, Prison Ministry & Rehabilitation Program Sponsorship, Equip Seminars and Social Justice Advocacy.

Child Development Project

The Child Development Project partners with Compassion International to see 160 underprivileged children aged between three and fifteen sponsored and thus providing opportunities for the children that would not otherwise be available to them. Sponsored children are able to attend school, have regular health check-ups, learn English and participate in a range of music, sport and art activities. We are overwhelmed at the testimonies from children and families about how their lives have been impacted through the support of sponsors and the care of those involved through C3 Bali and the Arms of Love Foundation. Through this project we are seeing the poverty chain broken over these kids and families lives. PPA accepts into its pr


Bali Christian College (BCC) is a small, caring and growing school based in the C3 Church Bali church centre. Implementing the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum, the school caters for students from K-12. Students are able to work at their own pace, mastering important concepts within the framework of individual goals that stretch the students to achieve their best.
The school provides an encouraging environment to bring out the best in every individual student, all while being nurtured into all that God has for them.

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